An exercise that concentrates on gluteus medius or glute med is known as clamshell exercise with loop band. this exercise will get you to lie down on the floor, on one side, by closing and opening the leg which is on top (it seems to be a clamshell) added with the use of a resistance band. That’s why this exercise is popular by the name of the clamshell exercise.

Clamshell Exercise with Loop Band


This exercise is really simple. It has proved very useful and effective, especially if you will use it with the supportive bands for doing exercises related to your leg. Therefore, this exercise is highly recommended if you are looking for an exercise for your knees, back, hip, and legs.

Clamshell exercise with loop band cost none, the only tool needed for this exercise is a resistance band, and you can do it at your place without any assistance. The clamshell exercise gives power to your muscles.

If you do the clamshell exercise using loop bands, this will support you and protect you from any type of injury. But if you are using a loop band in clamshell exercise, then it may get some difficulty. It may also prove harder than doing clamshell exercise without using a loop band.

The reason behind why clamshell exercise is mostly recommended is that it targets the eccentric variety of muscles. It also improves the performance of the muscles that are neglected by more popular exercises than a clamshell. This article will reveal the benefits of the clamshell exercise which urge you to get ready for this exercise.

How to Do the Clamshell Exercise with Loop Band

In this section, you will get to know how you can correctly do the clamshell exercise. If you are looking for an exercise related to a specific body part, then your solution is clamshell exercise. You can do it as a single exercise or you can also include it into your previous workout routine. This exercise will provide you complete fitness if you made this exercise your habit.

Clamshell with loop band is perfectly performed 10 to 15 times. You should do it 3 to 5 times in one sitting. You should concentrate on the movements if you are practicing for the first time. Once you have a command doing this you can control the number of iterations. You can increase or decrease the repetitions by seeing your performance. Hers’s how you should do a clamshell exercise using a loop band.

  1. Start by placing your resistance band around your knees. Then, lay sideways, having your feet and hips stacked while your knees were bent 90 degrees.
  2. While you are keeping your feet in a fixed position, start lifting your upper knee about 8-10 inches away from the lower knee which is like an open clamshell.
  3. You may hold that position (an open clamshell position) for about 1 second before starting to slowly lower the upper knee (back to starting position).
  4. Finally, Repeat these steps again and again keeping in mind you are feeling comfortable. And then change your side and repeat the steps on this side.

Who can do the Clamshell Exercise with Loop Band?

As the clamshell exercise is to strengthen your hips, backs, and knees, therefore, everyone needs to do this exercise.

The people who are facing knee or back pain must try it to get relief from the pain. As this is for the bottom part of the body the runners or the people concerned with sports like tennis and soccer must do this exercise.

The runners should do this to maintain a balance between glutes and thighs. The runners need to do it because they often get injuries due to their week hips. If you are the one who takes part in sports which involve running, then you should do this exercise to save yourself from any type of injury.

For the sake of stabilizing your hips, you can try clamshell exercise using a loop band. The loop band will maintain a proper position and distance as needed.

The Benefits

If you are doing clamshell exercise with the help of a loop band then you will tone your body shape. At the same time, you can empower your muscles and especially the bottom part of your body. There are some benefits of clamshell exercise using a resistance band mentioned in this article to show you why this exercise is of significant importance. Let’s discuss them:

  • You can do this exercise anywhere. You do not need a particular place. As you know that you can take the bands anywhere with you. So you don’t need to worry if you are going out of town.
  • There’s not any particular time to do this exercise. You can practice it at any time you want. You can do it during break time at your workplace.
  • Using band in exercise is proven very useful. This is a modern and versatile technology.
  • Clamshell exercise avoids injuries related to the hip. It made the hips and gluteus muscle to be strong so that you never feel pain while walking and running if you are doing a clamshell exercise regularly. If your hips are strong then you will surely face fewer leg and foot injuries.
  • It maintains stability between the important muscles of the legs and hip.
  • This exercise has proven useful in burning fat. It makes you more fit and active. It also strengthens your muscles for any future training like running or weight loss.
  • To train yourself you should start this exercise without the band. And then gradually you should add loop bands to increase difficulty and tension. Once you are master of doing this at different levels your muscles will be stronger and avoid injuries.
  • It will tone your muscles and body shape.

It’s Your Turn to Do the Clamshell Exercise

Clamshell exercise with loop band is very useful for making your muscles strong, tuning your body shape, and avoiding bottom body injuries. It can be done generally and there are no hard and fast rules for it. To get a strong hip you must practice the clamshell exercise using a loop band. If you are looking for an exercise that has a low-risk ratio, strong muscles, and a stable lower body then clamshell is the best solution for you. Go for it. Best of luck.

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