Are you planning to be more physically active this year but tight on budget? Or are you looking for something that is easy-to-use in starting your fitness journey? You may want to try adding resistance bands to your workout routine.

Resistance bands are elastic bands made from either elastic fabric or rubber latex, specifically designed to provide various levels of stretch limit. With this, they are often described as flexible, durable, lightweight, and adaptable depending on the target muscle groups and fitness level goals.

What Are The Types Of Resistance Bands?

As it comes with varying lengths, sizes, width or thickness, here are the types of resistance bands you could check.

  • Tube bands with handles are best used in exchange of dumbbells when you want to do bicep curls, shoulder extensions, or shoulder presses
  • Figure 8 bands has soft handle grips, making it easier to perform certain exercises
  • Ankle resistance band is used to loop around each ankle, which aims to add resistance to exercises such as side steps and leg lifts.
  • Power resistance bands are oversized loops that are typically sized more than 40 inches long. It is versatile for bodyweight assistance, resistance, and exercises that require an anchor point
  • Therapy bands allow less resistance to attain deeper stretches and mobility training.

Choosing the suited resistance bands for you depends on what fitness goal you wish to achieve. If you are just starting, it is typically advised to start with simple bands to motivate you in building your exercise habit.

For lower body exercises, fabric bands are more ideal to use. It is less likely to roll up or slide around during your workout. But, if you want to enhance your upper body by doing exercises that are focused on joint stability and explosive movements, it is preferable to switch to latex bands.

What Are The Benefits of Resistance Bands?

Here are some of the benefits that you can gain from using resistance bands:

1.   Elevated strength training

Resistance bands can be used in exchange for gym equipment such as free weights and cable machines. Instead of using free weights and various machines, you can use a resistance band.  This will help you achieve similar gains, as your muscles respond to strength training.

Aside from this, resistance bands also provide more advantages over other muscle-building methods. If you want to level up your strength, you can also use this with other equipment, like a back extension machine to elevate your workout.

2.   Enhanced Mobility

By using this, resistance bands can support you in enhancing your mobility through enabling your body to feel resistance in all planes, which will require more muscle activation and recreating daily movements more effectively.

3.   Expansion of Coordination

If you want to work on your form and balance, resistance bands can also help.  Incorporating this in your workout will require you to control motion in an open space where they will help you work on your muscle stability and expand your coordination.

4.   Budget-friendly

Are you tight on budget but eager to achieve your fitness goals? Starting from $7.00, you can already buy your own resistance bands, much cheaper compared to enrolling yourself in a monthly gym membership. With its compact and lightweight nature, you can bring your bands anywhere you go, allowing you to be more consistent in your workout routine and commitment.

5.   Easy- to-Use

Resistance bands are easy-to-use. This is a safer strength-training option that reduces risks of injury.

This will help you activate your stabilizer muscles and reduce the pressure felt on your joints. Additionally, this will help you not overextend your muscles or joints as it will only limit your stretch. Essentially, this will help you control the intensity and likewise allow you to stop an exercise without worrying about the gravity.

Have you already decided which resistance bands to use? You could already start incorporating this in your workout routine if you want to add resistance to your bodyweight exercises. Here are some of the sample exercises you could try.

  • Banded Squats
  • Banded Glute Bridges
  • Banded Chest press
  • Banded Shoulder Raises
  • Banded Leg Press

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As you get used to incorporating resistance bands into your workout routine, you can also start experimenting with other band options and variations, depending on your target muscle groups, and increasing the intensity of your workouts.

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