Sarah Park is a certified Kinesiologist at Evergreen Rehab & Wellness – Coquitlam.
Sarah completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of British Columbia and has a special interest in active rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Sarah’s passion for health and fitness has motivated her to become a positive influence on individuals suffering from injuries, chronic pain, and other health issues. She strongly believes that everyone should have a pain-free and energetic lifestyle, and she is enthusiastic about helping people bring their bodies back into balance, alignment, and optimal health.

Sarah’s kinesiology treatments focus on creating a safe and effective active rehabilitation environment by providing client-centered sessions tailored to meet the individual’s specific needs. With over five years of experience as a certified personal trainer, Sarah can assist patients with increasing muscular strength and endurance, as well as improving mobility, stability, and flexibility. This approach helps individuals to feel better, move better, and ultimately live better.

Sarah is Fluent in both English and Korean

Therapist Qualifications:

  • Certified Kinesiologist
  • Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of British Columbia

  • Active volunteer at the Physical Activity Research Centre (PARC)
  • Completed Stott Pilates Spinal, Pelvis, and Scapular Stabilization: Reformer - RR1 Course

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