Saebin Jung, or Beth, as she prefers to be called by English speakers, is a registered Kinesiologist currently making a significant impact at the Evergreen Wellness & Rehab clinic, serving both the Coquitlam and Langley locations.

Beth graduated from the HKIN Kinesiology program at TWU with experience across several fields. Growing up in Thailand from a young age, sports was one of the methods she chose to connect with others with different background and culture. Starting with basketball, to swimming, to soccer, and volleyball. She was involved with team/individual sports until the end of my high school. It was natural for me to cope with athletic injuries and the process of building and regaining strength from injuries. She found joy in helping others who struggle with injuries or the inability to come back to daily life function.

She has three years of experience as a student athletic therapist at TWU, and the passion for helping and supporting others grew stronger as she observed athletes thrive and reach beyond their potential during the games.

Beth would love to help people gain confidence from whatever that is holding them back and guide them to recovery and help prevent injuries in the future.

Therapist Qualifications:

  • Registered Kinesiologist (member of BCAK)
  • Completed Stott Pilates Spinal, Pelvis, and Scapular Stabilization: Reformer - RR1 Course

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