Hwajin (Hazel) Jang is a Pilates Instructor of Evergreen Rehab & Wellness – Langley Willoughby.

She trained in contemporary dance from a young age. She incorporated the movement of Korean traditional choreography and ballet into Pilates.

She began teaching contemporary dance since she was 20 years old when she was working as Teaching Assistant at her University.
After graduating from a university at top of her class, she decided to pursue further education at the Ewha University of Korea.

After graduating with her Masters in Physical Education at Ewha University in South Korea, she founded Barbie Dance studio to teach Choreography and Pilates to her students.
She was amazed by the fact that Pilates can actually change people’s lives while she was running her own studio.

She was also featured in various TV shows to speak about health and delivered Pilates lessons to many Korean celebrities.

Hwajin is devoted to learning and researching Pilates and perfecting her teaching skills so that her students can learn how to effectively move their muscles in functionally optimal ways. Her goal is to become an instructor who has a positive influence on her clients to become healthy inside out.


  • Graduated in Top of Class
  • Masters in Physical Education, Graduated from Ewha University of Korea
  • Founder of a Dance studio to teach Choreography and Pilates
  • Contemporary Dance Teacher

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