Gilhwan Is a dedicated Registered Massage Therapist at Evergreen Rehab and Wellness – Langley Willoughby. He successfully completed the RMT(Registered Massage Therapist) program at Vancouver Career College, Burnaby Campus.

Before entering the field of massage therapy, Gilhwan worked as a construction worker and personally experienced the challenges of overuse injuries. Observing his coworkers facing similar struggles, he felt a strong desire to assist and support people like them, which motivated him to pursue a career as a massage therapist.

Gilhwan performs a diverse range of techniques tailored to each patient’s needs, including Swedish massage, Myofascial release, Lymphatic drainage massage, Trigger point release, Joint mobilization techniques and various stretching techniques.

His treatment goals lie beyond providing temporary symptom relief. Gilhwan is committed to enhancing his patients’ overall well-being by modifying lifestyle habits. He strives to communicate effectively with patients, ensuring that he conveys complex concepts in the simplest way possible within his scope of knowledge.

Outside of work, Gilhwan maintains an active lifestyle by enjoying jogging and hiking. He also delights in exploring new restaurants, always eager to try something new with his friends and family members

Professional Qualifications:

  • Completed RMT(Registered Massage Therapist) program at Vancouver Career College, Burnaby Campus
  • Registered Massage Therapist

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