Discovering simple tips to consider straight from different chiropractic doctors.

Chiropractic is a non-invasive treatment focused on the spine, muscles, joints and neuromusculoskeletal system which allows the movement of the body and relieves its pain through adjustments and manipulations done by chiropractic professionals.

Chiropractic is becoming known in the platform of medicine and becoming an interesting alternative option for patients who need help with their health, especially the spine.

If you haven’t experienced a chiropractic consultation or session, you may want to know what chiropractors share with their patients.

Here are 5 simple tips we discovered that chiropractors want to share with you.

5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Spine

1. Use your phone in an eye-level position

5 Daily Tips You Can Practice For A Healthy Spine

Most hours of the day that we use our phones, we bend down our neck for hours which gives a strain at the front and rear of our neck. This gives a risk of spinal disc bulging that might be worrisome eventually.  Better elevate your arms and put your phone in an eye-level position to avoid text neck and other injuries.

2. Stop cranking your neck

5 Daily Tips You Can Practice For A Healthy Spine

Cranking or stretching your neck may give you temporary relief but it may be a serious problem if you continue on doing it. Chiropractors say that it may damage joints surrounding your neck which could be a real problem eventually.

3. Make your home (or workplace) posture friendly

5 Daily Tips You Can Practice For A Healthy Spine

We may be attending a chiropractic session or may be knowledgeable of the dos and don’ts to prevent serious matters for our back health yet we forget to make our home ergonomically friendly to practice good posture.

Make sure that your furniture and work area spaces allow you to support proper posture such as for your chair that should support your lower back properly; your pillows that should be supporting your neck and head properly when you sleep; proper cushion that will not give your body aches and more.

4. Your Sleep Position Matters

5 Daily Tips You Can Practice For A Healthy Spine

Sleeping is one of the best ways that we think we could relax and be safe from any injury since we are only lying down on our bed. Yet we also have to make sure that the pillow, cushion and most importantly your position also matter!
Sleeping on your stomach may be your favorite sleeping position but it risks your neck and back from strain. When you properly lie down through your back as you sleep,  it can reduce the risk of body aches like back pains and spinal misalignment.

5. Choose the Right Shoes

5 Daily Tips You Can Practice For A Healthy Spine

Choosing the right shoes could also save you from the risks of spine (or back) problems. Your feet get the weight of your entire body so it is important to have the right shoes that could support your whole body without straining your lower extremities, especially your feet. It relieves the pressure on your foot and saves you from future spine misalignment.

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