Physiotherapists are very effective in helping the patient to recover from several injuries. They play essential roles, especially during this pandemic. Even you are at home; they can provide telehealth or online services.

Patients who suffered from various injuries found a significant improvement after getting the help of a physiotherapist in Coquitlam.

In this article, you will learn the signs when to visit a physiotherapist in Coquitlam. Let’s get started.

When Do You Need to See a Physiotherapist in Coquitlam?

People often misunderstand physiotherapy by saying that it only deals with people that have any muscular issues. However, it is not true. In this section, you will learn briefly how a physiotherapist can help you.

Below are the top ten signs that tell that you need to visit your Physiotherapist in Coquitlam immediately.

1.      Suffering from Chronic Pain

If you have an accident and got a serious injury, then you might face recurring pain at the spot until the wounds heal completely.

But sometimes, the pain might not end after healing, and it becomes chronic. Lower back pain and neck pain are the most common type of chronic pain. Chronic pain typically lasts longer than six months.

If you experience chronic pain, you need to visit a physiotherapist in Coquitlam immediately.

A Physiotherapist in Coquitlam will provide a custom treatment plan. And, it will involve some target exercises that you can work at to help relieve pain.

2.      Balance Issues

The lack of balance is the issue in the inner ear that has a structure essential in maintaining the balance of the body. It might lead to dizziness and vertigo.

It would help if you visited a Physiotherapist that will examine the issues deeply and then suggest some recovery solutions.

This symptom is treated with a specific therapy known as Vestibular rehabilitation. You will have to do some particular exercises in this therapy to recover the inner ear issues.

3.      Mobility Issues

If you have difficulty moving and feel pain in your joints whenever you try to move from one place to another, you need to see a Physiotherapist as early as possible.

And, if your mobility issues are affecting your daily lives, it’s a sign that you need proper treatment. The Physiotherapist in Coquitlam will provide the right treatment plan and give you stretches to work with to improve flexibility.

4.      Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence or leaky bladder is a common issue primarily seen in women (due to pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause) than men. It’s a condition where there is a loss of bladder control – a condition where there is leaking urine.

This condition should not be ignored, especially when it affects your daily life. Visit a physiotherapist in Coquitlam immediately when you are diagnosed with urinary incontinence. The Physiotherapist will suggest some pelvic floor workouts to help you with urinary incontinence.

Know more about Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy here.

5.      After Stroke or Neurological Disorders

If the stroke has affected part of the brain that controls movement, a patient can experience weakness or paralysis in a side of the body or have some movement issues.

Physiotherapists play a vital role in every patient’s recovery after stroke. They will suggest necessary exercises and an ideal treatment plan.

6.      Sport Injuries

The persons who actively participate in sports commonly get injuries. The Physiotherapists will help them by suggesting some preventive measures and proper exercises. They will also help to speed your recovery.

Some injuries are related to specific sports. A physiotherapist will guide and teach you how to avoid common injuries.

Learn more about sports physiotherapy here.

7. Work Injuries

A work injury may happen unexpectedly, and a Physiotherapist can help speed up your recovery through the work rehabilitation program. If you have an active claim with WorkSafeBC, you can undergo physiotherapy treatment with no out-of-pocket expense.

As of this moment, Evergreen Rehab & Wellness – Coquitlam is accepting patients under WorkSafeBC who are looking for a physiotherapist.

Learn more about what you can do if you are injured at work here.

8.      Motor Vehicle Accidents

The road to recovery after a motor vehicle accident can be challenging, but a physiotherapist in Coquitlam can help you with the process. They can help through customized rehabilitation programs that enhance the recovery process. Physiotherapists assist car accident patients by increasing their body strength and flexibility, which reduces the pain and makes them feel better and relaxed.

If the car accident patient is not treated correctly, it may lead to long-term damage to the body. If you begin physiotherapy right after the accident, it would relieve pain, strengthen the body’s weakened part, and avoid further injuries.

Learn more about ICBC Motor Vehicle Injury Physiotherapy here.

9.      TMJ Disorders

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Disorders, in which one suffers from pain in the jaw joints and muscles. It can be due to improper bite and trauma. The person finds it difficult to chew the food and often feels headaches, neck pain, back pain, facial and earaches.

Your physiotherapist will investigate your condition and determine its severity by assessing your medical history, dentist visits, and relevant eating and sleeping habits. TMJ Physiotherapy will help restore your jaw’s natural movement and aim to relieve the pain through a treatment plan that works best for you.

10.  Post-Surgery Recovery

If you are having surgery and feeling pain in the part of the surgery, then a Physiotherapist will be a great help in this case. They will suggest proper treatment and exercises to help you recover from chronic post-surgery pain.

Physiotherapists will provide you with a Post-Operative rehabilitation program. They can help you optimize your recovery after surgery, especially if you are experiencing pain, muscle weakness, stiffness, reduced mobility, reduced independence, and low exercise tolerance.

The Bottom Line

You are always not alone. If you are in Coquitlam, BC, there are always skilled and experienced physiotherapists that can help you. They cannot only help you resolve your muscular problems, but they can help you in many types of conditions and injuries.

Whether you are suffering from sports or work injuries and other chronic pain, the Physiotherapist will help you get out of the problem and teach you how to prevent any issues in the future. The treatment plan prescribed by the Physiotherapist will help to recover from the injuries fast.

At Evergreen Rehab & Wellness, our Coquitlam Physiotherapists are always ready to help you.

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